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Dr Lynda Cramer, PhD

Psychic Medium, Spiritual Counselor, Ordained Reverend, Paranormal Researcher

Thank you for connecting with Dr Lynda Cramer

To watch Dr Lynda Cramer and Medium Mike Cavalli

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If interested, here are some of the Interviews Dr Lynda has completed:

"Spirit Sisters" podcast - Karina Machado

"Peer beyond the Veil" podcast - Mark Watson

"Evidence of the Afterlife" podcast - Maverick Vardoger

"JeffMara Podcast" - Jeff Mara

"Magic Is Real" youtube channel - Shannon Torrence

"Real Spiritual Talk Radio" - Lamont Gates

"Past Lives Hypnosis" podcast - Simon Bown - NDE talk

"Past Lives Hypnosis" podcast - Simon Bown - Ghost Talk