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Dr Lynda Cramer, PhD

Psychic Medium, Spiritual Counselor, Ordained Reverend, Paranormal Researcher

Web Store

Web Store

Ghosts Exposed - 116 page e-book


Dr Lynda Cramer has been a Medium since birth.  The Ghosts and Spirits who interacted with her are the ones who taught her what being a "ghost" or "spirit" is all about. 

Dr Lynda explains her theory on what happens at the time of death, including questions of:

Why do ghosts stay and some go to Heaven? 

What can they do for us?  Do we have an option when we die where we go? 

Want to read about some cool ghost stories as well have looking at  REAL GHOST PHOTOS?

All these questions are answered with colour photos of ghost photos Lynda Rae personally took. 

*Price is in Australian Dollar (AUD)

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