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Dr Lynda Cramer, PhD

Psychic Medium, Spiritual Counselor, Ordained Reverend, Paranormal Researcher

Web Store

Web Store

Psychic Reading


To purchase a Psychic Reading by Dr Lynda Cramer, please read the Terms and Conditions.

These Sessions are for all things Psychic.  Do you wish to connect with a departed relative?  Do you wish to connect with your Spirit Guide or know what colour your Aura is?  Do you have questions about life, work, relationships, or the future?  This is the Session for all Psychic interactions.

1. These readings are either by Phone (facetime) or Skype or Zoom.

1.2 These Reading are for UP TO 90 minutes in length, please allow time for the Reading

2. The person purchasing a Reading will be called the "Client", and the "Client" has the following responsibilities

2.1 It is the Client's responsibility to contact Dr Lynda Cramer either by email or phone, in order to arrange a time to Phone, Skype or Zoom, or to send all information with photos to [email protected] for the reading to be conducted.

2.2 It is the Clients responsibility to disclose all relevant medical history, and other information pertinent to the Reading.

3.  These Readings are conducted under the "Entertainment Purposes Only" category of all psychic readings, therefore no legal proceedings of any types can be pursued as a result of any information received during the Reading.

4. Confidentiality - Dr Lynda Cramer will keep all personal information confidential, however generic information relating to the Reading may be disclosed for promotional and marketing purposes in the future.

5. Recording of this Session is approved, by the Client or by Dr Lynda Cramer for "confirmation" purposes only.

6. Due to a busy schedule, Lynda appreciates any cancellations or changes of times/dates to be confirmed at the earliest convenience.

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